Rainbow Early Learning Center


The Rainbow Early Learning Center offers an environment where toddlers, ages from 12 to 24 months old can explore, discover, and experience new adventures with his/her newfound mobility in a safe, loving and caring atmosphere. We encourage toddlers to take part in arts and craft, which may enhance his/her creativity, reading readiness, including colors, numbers, and name recognition, all taking part in a small group setting. Working on socialization skills, learning to share and learning oral self-expression are part of the ongoing toddler curriculum.  Our goal for the toddler program, is to help each toddler to have a positive experience and help him/her to meet his/her full potential in all areas of developmental and academically growth. With your help, we will work on potty training by providing your toddler with encouragement and optimistic attitude to assure a positive experience; hence Staff and Parents need to be a team to assure a rewarding and gratifying experience for your toddler.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us