Rainbow Early Learning Center

Infant Program

The Rainbow Early Learning Center’s Infant Program was created with the concept that each child shall have his/her own personalized program in an atmosphere that is safe, clean and positive. Caring for babies’ form 6 weeks to 12 months old, our staff members are devoted and well trained to meet the individual needs of infants in an environment that projects love and caring. Infants will have an opportunity for one-on-one with a caregiver to promote the feeling of security and love, along with floor time to enhance the infant’s concept of the world around him or her. The infant curriculum was designed to meet each infant’s individual personal needs, including nap time, feeding time or lunchtime, awake or play time. The curriculum will incorporate music and movement, story time, an assortment of toys for stimuli as well as social time to interact with other infants. Each of these activities should help to awaken the infant’s interest in learning, eye-hand coordination, self-awareness and social awareness.

Parents will supply each infant with the bottles of formula, solid food (as needed), diapers, wipes, extra clothing and bedding for their crib. The Rainbow Early Learning Center’s high standards require parents, and staff,  in our infant program to communicate daily, verbally and/or written to ensure that each infant is provided the best care possible. The unsurpassed way to find the best facility for your baby is to come and visit and see for yourself.